How to get started in face painting (building your kit)

I hope you enjoy my latest video! It’s geared towards people who are interested in starting a face painting career. I go through each product that you need in order to build a professional face painting kit. If you want to see how I put together a complete professional face painting kit for under $130, this tutorial is for you!

The first time I did any face painting was for my nephew’s school carnival. I had no experience and my designs were pretty rough but I LOVED painting kids! After that first day I was hooked! I got myself a 8 color paradise palette from my local Halloween store and started practicing on my own kids.

It wasn’t until I joined a Facebook group called Inspiration to Paint that I became completely obsessed. ITP is a monthly challenge for face painters of all skill levels. The challenge is to paint everyday according to that day’s theme. My skills improved exponentially just from making the commitment to paint EVERYDAY.

In preparation for starting my first month’s challenge with ITP I bought myself some solid colors and made my own rainbow cakes. Having rainbow cakes opened up a whole new world! It made blending so easy! In that first month I gained confidence in my skills and decided to book my first birthday party. It was official! I was being paid for face painting! In my eyes that means your a pro LOL.

I booked that first gig and never looked back! After that, I started doing farmer’s markets, company picnic’s and other high traffic events. My little kit wasn’t cutting it anymore so I decided to invest in a craft n go. By this point I was sure that face painting was right for me and so I was ready to invest the money in a fancy kit.

I hope you enjoy my video and good luck with your new adventure into the world of face painting!

Paint Girl

Naughty Emoji Face Painting Tutorial

Find the face paint supplies here :

Here’s a link to the electric palette:

And the pouncer sponges:

Face painting for Christmas

I’ve been working on some new designs for upcoming holiday events! I love creating new designs that fit the theme of each party. These facepainting designs are for Cabela’s Great West Ice fest coming up this Friday, December 15th. The fun starts at 5:30. Willy’s wild Carvings will be there creating master pieces out of ice. It’s going to be super fun! Come see me and get your face painted!